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I feel like a huge burden has been lifted

I just want to thank all of the staff for everything you did to make this happen. This discharge happened within a month after the 341 meeting which was very exciting for me. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted, and I am now able to start fresh & fulfill my financial dreams!

Joseph T.


Great service, very professional, kind, courteous.

Great service, very professional, kind, courteous. Receptive of my needs. The legal assistant was outstanding. Very helpful and informative of my needs and desires. Expertise great. I rate Swift Law Firm a 10/10!

Roberto L.

Colorado Springs, CO

They bent over backwards to help us

This was our second time using Mr. Swift. I want people to know how great he has been both times, and we want to thank him very much. Also, everyone in the office wanted to know how things were going when we visited. Concern and care. They bent over backwards to help us.

Duane & Cindy W.

Colorado Springs, CO

My kids thought Mr. Swift was awesome!

My kids thought Mr. Swift was awesome! While signing papers, he interacted with them. My hands were full that day, and he helped make doing business and being a mom easier! Mr. Hansen was very professional at our creditors meeting and kept our minds at ease. Alicia gave us a positive outlook on some things we were worried about. Always smiled! 🙂 Ward stayed calm under pressure. I cried on the phone to him, and he did not make me feel bad. He made me feel better. And the receptionist was very helpful on the phone and was very friendly.

Ashley & Lucas S.

Colorado Springs, CO

Can’t say enough good things about the way the team at Swift handled our case

My husband & I were referred to Swift Law by another attorney. We also found lots of good info on their website. We would most definitely recommend them! I’ve heard horror stories from others who had bad experiences with other attorneys. They made a difficult process manageable. Had several phone conversations with Cris. She was always helpful and came up with solutions. Can’t say enough good things about the way the team at Swift handled our case. Many thanks!

Hollis & Liz F.

Colorado Springs, CO

Smooth bankruptcy. Would highly recommend!

Smooth bankruptcy. Would highly recommend! Mr. Swift was very informative, calm and had a fantastic demeanor dealing with difficult situations. He had all the answers to my questions. The staff was excellent as well!

Carla W.

Colorado Springs, CO

Steve was thorough and we felt he always looked out for our best interest

We visited the website and found it was easily available. We would recommend Swift Law. The girls in the office were awesome!! They were always available to answer questions and easy to work with. Mr. Swift was awesome too! He took care of our bankruptcy in just two visits. He was thorough and we felt he always looked out for our best interest

Mr. & Mrs. Martinez

Colorado Springs, CO

Very happy with this office

Very happy with this office! Everyone was very helpful and nice. I rate them a 10 in every way!

Javier G.

Colorado Springs, CO

Very helpful!

Thank you for the friendliness and payment plan. Very helpful!

Yvonne M.,

Colorado Springs, CO

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Valerie Montoya
Valerie Montoya
06:22 01 Mar 23
As both a former employee ( resigned) and client I've learned a lot . The attorney himself is all about himself. Having filed my own chapter 13 with only one objection. I panicked and let him talk me... into a 2500.00 fee. Mind you I fixed the only objection there had been on my own after signing a fee agreement that I was pressured into. People fall on hard times every day. However I feel that after working both sides of this business , it is not one you can trust. Since my departure in May of this year clients have been harrassed by Mr. Swift, even threatened with a dismissal of their cases if they had filed by themselves ( pro se) or with another attorney. Spouting it's theft. Clients so scared they are still scrambling. Many of them sent emails and mailings of false statements. Just because a business has a bible on their desks does NOT mean it's a sign from God to go there.That is a ploy and a plot by a business that wants you to believe that. Do your research, realize that there are more compassionate real bankruptcy attorneys whom care for far less money and less scripture to make you believe God says this is okay. It is okay, times are hard, people lose their significant other, lose a job or maybe even get into auto accident, medical bills..whatever your issue may be. You do not need a blessing to know you're going to be okay if you have to file. Go somewhere honest, look at the reviews and prices of other businesses offering the same services . Good luck no matter where you go. So update as of February 14, 2019 Sara C. Whom is giving rave reviews for office. Real name Laura P businees manager of law office and also wife of I.T guy whom owns Fox I.T and surveillance. . Ironic how many of these reviews are employee and family related. When your bankruptcy attorney has staff and or employees creating reviews to make himself look good, that's kind of unethical. Feel bad for any potential client reading any reviews she's posting. Check out Attorney regulations and ethics board people. They wouldn't lie. You can follow Sara C on a few of her privately owned businesses giving rave reviews of each. Unbelievable. Another update Mark Brenner is the business manager as well. Laura P. Both Mark Brenner updating his review,stating he went in to pick up discharge is a blatant lie. Discharge is mailed to debtor from courts unless you file a chater 13 as this office charges another fee for discharge.Sara gave similar reviews for businesses owned by her husband and her employer. Along with her car lot and other reviews in Arkansas. Don't believe on their reviews for other businesses. They match. CHECKMATE. Even Betty Garcia giving rave reviews for onsite fox and law office..huge conflict with fake people for reviews. Please go to Attorney Regulations website before jumping in. You will find the truth. It is public record as far as violations from previous sanctions. There are several ethics complaints filed since that time. Those records will not be released until findings of such. UPDATE ON APRIL 15, 2019. ALL CHARGES WITH DISMISSAL OF EDUCATIONAL CLASSES. AT THIS TIME THERE ARE SEVERAL OPENED ETHICS VIOLATIONS THROUGH JILL FERNANDEZ. HOPEFULLY KARMA WILL COME FULL CIRCLE. CASE HAS BEEN DISMISSED WITH THE NEED OF EDUCATIONAL CLASSES. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR ATTORNEY WISELY. SARA C. BETTY GARCIA, AND THE MAN WHOM CLAIM TO HAVE BEEN CLIENTS OF THIS FIRM ARE ALL THE BUSINESS MANAGERS PROFILES. SAME REVIEWS FOR FOX I.T AND SECURITY. KNOW YOUR BEING LED BY FALSEHOODS PEOPLE. THEY SPEAK OF THE BIBLE, HAVE NO PROBLEM CREATING FAKE REVIEWS TO LURE YOU IN. GOOD LUCK. Another update 4/22/2019, just returning to new office where I work after lunch, who comes creeping out of alley to see where I'm working. Mr. Swift. This after a letter from Federal Courts has been sent to Swift speaking of retaliation against any witness. 7/2020. A former client Jon Davis hires John MCLaughlin to remove lien that he paid Swift for. Update, please check attorney regulationsread more
Russ Karr
Russ Karr
20:04 06 May 22
Was very beneficial to talk to Steven Swift very helpful very accommodating
Bobbie Lindley-Loe
Bobbie Lindley-Loe
19:32 09 Apr 22
Kind and knowledgeable consultation. I’m feeling guilty I was pointed in a VERY helpful direction and it was all from the free consultation. Very grateful!
Annette Zell
Annette Zell
21:54 21 Feb 22
I have such a great experience. Steven Swift is the best and has so much knowledge of his field. So many ways to help someone in any situation. Tells you the truth
Robyn Kelly
Robyn Kelly
18:50 26 Nov 21
My experience with Stephen Swift started with a free initial consultation. I had a difficult post-divorce situation involving student loan debt. After going over the details of my case, Stephen... informed me that my only option was a Chapter 13 with a 5-year payment plan. Stephen’s empathy and wisdom were reassuring. When I decided to go forward with the bankruptcy, Stephen submitted all the required documentation, including an expertly crafted payment plan that was approved by the judge. I had the added complication of an adversary proceeding in my case. While there were additional legal fees, Stephen was understanding of my financial situation and allowed me to make monthly payments to him. Stephen met all filing deadlines, and in the end, he delivered the desired outcome. Stephen’s knowledge and experience in bankruptcy law is unsurpassed, and I highly recommend more
james dymond
james dymond
03:18 30 Jan 21
Helped my mother out alot while going through a really rough time good people
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